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Catching Up

Wow…it hasn’t even been a whole month since Christmas, but it feels like an eternity!
So much has happened in the past few months and I wanted to fill you in.
It started a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, I found out I was pregnant with baby #3, but only 2 short days later I had a miscarriage. I was glad it happened so early, but it hit me very hard. Thanksgiving was a very hard holiday for me. I started planning for Christmas and got another positive test only a month after my miscarriage and am happy to say that I am pregnant with baby #4! But being pregnant as Christmas was not all fun and games. I was tired and wore myself out baking and cooking and making gifts. And in top of that, I didn’t want eat anything I made, cause I had morning sickness pretty much all the time. That is something I’m still battling.
Then, two weeks ago I got sicl for a day, which messed up the whole week. My hubby then went away for a ‘man camping trip’ and came back with the flu. He was out of service for a week straight. So I spent the whole week cleaning and avoiding him. Plus taking care of our two, very loud and rambunctious boys.
To end it all, my oldest son (almost 4) was sick for a day right after my hubby got better.
It’s been a long couple months and holiday season with many emotional ups and downs. I couldn’t have got through it if it hadn’t been for my Lord Jesus Christ and my friends and family. Seriously, I’ve been through some tough times, but this has beens hard time in my life. And honestly, I don’t think its going to get better any time soon. But I can keep praying.

So, in case you’re wondering if you’ll ever see a recipe on here again. The answer is yes! (oh, did I mention a matchbox car ‘flew’ through our livingroom and made a crack in our computer monitor, so I also dont have access to a computer? Yeah…)

And, if you’re wondering, what I may be craving these days is what you’ll be seeing. Of all things to dislike right now, I dislike chocolate and peanut butter. I know! I must be nuts! 
But all I crave is fresh fruit (mostly berries and citrus), and protein and carbs.
And water is the one thing that usually helps take away any nauseousness I have. Pregnancy is SO weird.

All in all, I feel as though I’m keeping a semi-healthy diet going. Once I’m feeling like moving again, I’m hoping to exercise a little, so when my ‘bean’ comes in August, it will be a little easier the squeeze back into some old clothes for the end of summer. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Thank you all for being so patient with me all this time. Once I have a working compute again, I’ll be able to post more again! And I hope that’s soon. Cause I have some fun cakes coming up in the next few months too!

God Bless!