Fun Finds!

Okay, I just had to share this with you all! I have found some great deals on baking ingredients lately! Normally, unless I search for the deals with coupons and such, I just buy what I need to buy (usually at an Aldi or Woodman’s) and get over it. But lately? Oh man, I am having some great luck!

First thing was powdered sugar. The cheapest I can find is $1.39 for a 2lb bag at Aldi. It’s a good deal and the cheapest in our area. So I was out grocery shopping at Woodman’s last Monday, I paid for my regular groceries and was headed out the door when I spotted some carts near the front full of powdered sugar bags that were all taped shut and discounted. I asked an associate if she knew why these were discounted and she told me someone cut the box that all the bags were in and accidentally cut the bags open too, so they had to discount them. Yay for me! I bought 9 bags! And they all still have about 2lbs in them!!!!


Do you want to know how much I paid for each bag????


That’s right….79 cents each! I was ecstatic! Especially since I had just run out two days before 🙂

My next deal was, of course, on Halloween stuff. It’s two days later, and there was still a bunch or candy left (no chocolate though 😦 ) But I stayed away from the candy and kept walking to go get my dish soap. Guess what..I got distracted.   By these:


Yes, that’s right. I bought four packs of pumpkin candies and 3 packs of mini cupcakes liners. That makes 300 of them. But every time I go to use my sister’s mini cupcake pan (that happens to live at my house right now!) I’m out of them…so this way, I’m set for at least a few months…. 🙂 And when I make those cute little cupcakes, I can put a candy pumpkin on top of them! Yay!!!!

My next deal came today. I was getting ready to make bread and realized I did not have enough yeast. Sigh. It’s nap time and I was already at the store today. Luckily, I live near a Piggly Wiggly (only a mile away) and I was able to throw the kids in the car and hurry to get some yeast.

While I was there I spotted canned pumpkin. As you maybe have already guesses, I have a slight obsession with pumpkin this time of year. While I normally buy it at Aldi since they sell it for only 99 cents a can, I couldn’t pass this deal up!
I paid 79 cents a can with my Pig card! So I bought a few….


One more thing at the ‘Pig’.


Since I was in the baking aisle getting yeast, which also happened to be on sale, I spotted Nestle baking chips! $1.99 when you buy 2, limit 2. Well, I’m sold.

I bought two.

And when I got the check out, I had just enough ‘Pig Points’ to get one of the bags for 99 cents!


That is all for now, I can’t wait so share more deals and recipes with you!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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