Sweet Summer

June 7, 2012.
I’m sitting on our front ‘porch’ (aka, a slab of concrete in front of our house) and sharing a wonderful snack with my two beautiful boys. Yup, you probably guessed by the picture..strawberries. we picked them ourselves yesterday. I don’t know how life could get any better right now.

June 9, 2012
What is it about the out doors that are just so great? We’ve spent most of the day out in the 90 degree weather with our friends Eric and Alaina and their ADORABLE baby boy! It’s evening now and turning ‘cooler’, but there’s just something about being out in God’s creation that makes this night so special. Birds chirping, beautiful sunset and my two boys riding bikes and laughing. Could life get better than this?

June 11, 2012
Monday mornings are always hard, especially after a busy weekend. We got the chance to celebrate a friends graduation yesterday and had lots of fun! I’m so happy to have such wonderful friends and awesome students that love my kids and actuated fight over which one is cuter! (you know who you are!)
Today I choose joy. Today I choose happiness. Today i choose to listen to what God is telling me and see what He is showing me.
Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to be a mom and for giving to privilege to witness to these two beautiful beings You so graciously gave me.

It’s Monday. Choose Joy 🙂

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