Basic Frappachino


So today has been a little rough around here. And my house proves it. I’m trying un-bury my kitchen of all the dirty dishes that have been around since probly Tuesday (yes, I know. It’s gross) and my boys had a field day with being sassy today, so my wonderful hubby took them to a park after dinner. I LOVE him so much šŸ™‚ So, while doing dishes (thankfully, I don’t have too many to do by hand because I have a dishwasher. Praise the Lord!) I remembered that there was some coffee leftover in the pot from this morning. I used to be able to drink rewarmed coffee, but no more. It’s so nasty. But, I do love me a good ‘ol Frappachino from Starbucks…sadly, I don’t make millions of dollars, so i can’t afford to go buy one whenever I want. (i have, however, thought about getting a job there just for discount on the coffee..hehehe) So, I am a fan fanatic of Pinterest, so I knew I had something on the there for iced coffee. And I found this. I’m pretty sure its the best thing in the world, and not too unhealthy. I almost used coconut milk instead of my lowfat milk just to add some extra sweetness, but decided against it. Maybe next time.

Basic Frappachino

Equal parts brewed coffee and milk (you could use chocolate milk or chocolate almond milk to give more flavor too) Two packets Truvia (you could also use sugar) Two handfuls ice cubes (this is seriously how precise I was)

Optional: chocolate syrup, coffee cream (i used caramel macchiato) etc.
Put ingredients in magic bullet or blender and blend until desired consistancy…

Pour into glass and enjoy!

You could top it with whipped cream and drizzle if you want to get fancy, but i didn’t feel the need to do so.


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