Weekend, Baby!!!!

I’ve discovered two things this weekend: its impossible to blog when your computer refuses to connect to the internet (again) and in case mosquito bites aren’t bad enough, why do they have show up the next day when you were thinking ‘wow! I didn’t get too many bites this time!’ Sigh….bring on the hydrocortisone cream. Although, I feel much worse for my kids. Their bites swell up so much more. My oldest is into scratching his itches, so he could end up with a lot of scars.
As for my internet, I have no idea what’s wrong. Everything says it fine, but our network is not even ‘there’. So, who knows what’s going there. So for now, I’ll have to use my phone.
The weekend was SO much fun!
Friday was complete chaos, getting ready for everything. I had to pack for my boys and food for the whole weekend, bake and decorate a cake for a friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Franci!), pick rhubarb (thanks to my friend Melissa for all the tasty rhubarb!), bake muffins, and I cleaned the whole house (besides my Monkey’s [Jonah’s] room, I need to organize his room very badly) before leaving Friday night.
Saturday was rummage sales in the good ‘ol Town of Winneconne. My in-laws live there, its where my hubby grew up, and where my grandparents lived when I was growing up. So I stayed at my in-laws on Friday so we could get an early start on rummage sales! Yes, I am that into rummage sales. I need the bumper sticker that says ‘I brake for rummaged sales’. Seriously. And I found some good great AWESOME deals too! Tons of clothes for me, some for my hubby, my oldests’ whole 4T woredrobe, toys and some decorating things. Rummage sales are the best! I just can’t get enough!
So, while I was rummage saling saleing (I don’t know how to spell that), my hubby had our boys at the campsite. (with some of our bestest friends!) I joined up with them Saturday night and Sunday.
The best thing about camping is there is no schedule. We played at the park, we ate, we talked, we sat around and did nothing. It was great. So relaxing. Although, I have to say, I hate coming home, not just because I have do all the laundry and clean up the big mess, but it means back to reality. As I’m typing this, my boys are watching Sesame Street and we are all still in out pj’s.
But today I plan to jog and do my other workouts, I have a pile of rhubarb to cut up and freeze or make something with, and laundry…lots of laundry.
So I guess I better get busy!
When my internet is fixed, I will share the cake I made on Friday as well as a few other recipes that I’ve been dying to share with you!
Have a great Monday!


One thought on “Weekend, Baby!!!!

  1. I don’t think ‘saleing’ is a real word, hence why you can’t find a spelling for it that works with the spell checker.. lol! Apparently its just another one of those words we use that really isn’t a word!

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