Happy Mother’s Day!

Ahhh…Mother’s Day. A day of honoring our moms that have worked so hard on us over the years in hopes that someday we might NOT embarrass them to no end every time they go to a store or church or out to eat. I don’t know about you, but I remember plenty of times that my embarrassed me too. Although, I’m not sure if it really makes up for all the tantrums and screaming “YOU NEVER BUY ME ANYTHING”  that I put her through. I love my mom. And I’m truly sorry for all the trouble I’ve cause over the past 25 years, and now (to my whole family’s delight) I have two boys that are giving it back to me.

 A mother’s work is never done. It never will be done. And I’m pretty sure mom’s worry about their children when they’re 3, when they’re 25, and even when they’re 58. I don’t know what it will be like to have older children. I still feel like a child myself sometimes. (But I don’t throw tantrums for my mom anymore. I promise!)

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day with my husband’s family. It’s always the first big grill out of the year and boy, was it good! I love the smell of grill. Even if it is propane. It’s still wonderful.  It was a beautiful day to be outside, eat, enjoy everyone’s company, and play croquet.


Yup. That’s my husband. He’s a pretty serious croquet player.


In lieu of Mother’s Day, I offered to make the cake. Which ended up being cupcakes. And were pretty darn delicious, might I add. I have to admit, I used a box mix for the vanilla cupcakes, but that is only because my mother-in-law can’t eat gluten and offered a cake mix to me to make so she could eat some of the ‘cake’. I graciously accepted her offer and decided on cupcakes. I chose chocolate for other cupcakes since we had vanilla.  And I had so much fun decorating! I found the idea for the piping on Pinterest and I couldn’t resist trying it out! So yes, I made a test batch the week before and LOVED  how they looked! The chocolate cupcakes were a recipe from one of my favorite blog of all time Annie’s Eats. I’ve made them once before and they were delish! So I knew that these would be the winners. 

This is what my kitchen table looked like Saturday Night.



These are all the Mother’s Day projects I worked on with my kiddos on Saturday Morning. (don’t look mom!)


My kiddos did not help with the bags in the back. That is a gift especially from me 🙂 And here’s a picture of what is inside 🙂


In case you are wondering what that is. It’s Homemade Vanilla. Another wonderful recipe/idea from Annie. It has changed my life. It has such wonderful flavor and it’s SO much cheaper than buy the real stuff from anywhere else.

This is my oldest enjoying his second cupcake of the day 🙂


And here’s my not-so-little guy who’s almost two! (He’s showing me his belly-button) And he had almost three cupcakes, since he snuck off to eat one when we were all talking in the living room. He’s kind of a stinker…



All-in-all, it was a wonderful Mother’s Day! I am so blessed to have such a loving family!


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