The Happiest Birthday Cake Ever!)

My birthday was last Friday, April 20th, and I have to admit, I was not thrilled with this birthday at all. Don’t get me wrong. I love birthday’s! I love presents! But I turned 25 this year. This may not seem like much to some, but for’s all new. I don’t know if I should rejoice that I’m older hopefully becoming more mature? (no laughing please) Or cry cause I’m half way to 50!

Well, instead of dwelling on this fact too long, I decided to make myself a special cake. Some of you might be thinking, ‘Why is she making her own birthday cake?’ Here’s my reasoning… I’d rather make it exactly how I want it, than someone else making something and hoping I like it. There’s a kicker though. I share my birthday celebrations every year now, since I’ve been married. My ‘little’ (I use that word only because he’s younger than me) brother-in-law’s birthday is a week before mine so we’ve ‘shared’ birthday’s for 6 years now! And the past two birthday’s have also been celebrated with his girlfriend who’s birthday is only a few days before his. So it’s big party..well not big..just many birthday’s to celebrate.

So the only kind of cake we can all agree on is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. But I wanted to practice with fondant since I’ve only used it once on my 3 year old’s cake back in February. (someday I’ll post all my beautiful cakes) So, they gave me the go ahead to decorate the cake however I wanted to, as long as it was carrot cake. I agreed.

So, as you may have guessed from my blog name..I have a thing for flamingos. And with having two boys, it’s the only pink things we have in this house. So my bathroom is decorated with them and I even have some outside. Every time I see flamingo decor in a store, I get very excited freak out. I mean, literally. I’m sure I embarrass my husband to no end. I’m surprised he even shops with me anymore!

Have you guessed what my cake looked like yet???? Yup! FLAMINGOS!!!!!!!

Well, only one actually. We (Beth and I) named him Guy. I wanted him to be a girl so badly, but Beth insisted it was a guy, so there’s his name… Guy. He was delicious.


Guy  There is still a bit of his body left.








Here’s the actual cake.

Top and bottom layer: carrot cake,

Middle layer: cheesekcake





Yeah..I said it. Cheese. Cake.

If Heaven was a cake..this would be it.

It was surprisingly easy, even though it doesn’t look like it.

I will post the recipes for the cake, fondant, and frosting I used, on a different day.

All was delicious!

Thank you for bearing with me through my sorrow of turning 25. I’ll make it. My kids keep me young..or maybe they’re aging me……

Here’s the final project 🙂


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