The First Day

Hi! This is the official launch of my blog. I am so not good at writing, so bear with me as I learn about this. I’m also not with computers, or uploading pictures…wow, maybe this whole blog thing isn’t for me! Oh well…

Here’s the thing, I love food, I love friends, and in case you hadn’t guessed from the title, I LOVE FLAMINGOS!!!!! Don’t ask me why, because I don’t actually. I just think they are the coolest awesomest bird ever! (yes, I know aweseomest isn’t a real word, but I don’t care)

This is what I’m all about:

  1. I eat healthy.
  2. I’m losing weight.
  3. I’m trying to find recipes that taste good AND are healthy for me and my family. 

I also love dessert, so there will be plenty of dessert recipes. I just made a Bailey’s Irish Creme Cheesecake this past week, and it is by NO means healthy, but, boy, it’s good!

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey and I promise to have a new recipe up soon. I will be buying batteries for my camera today, so I can actually take pictures of what I’m making! Yay!

See you soon!



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